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Welcome to the City of New Westminster Property Inquiry


Under the Search tab, look for properties by Civic Address, Folio, Mobile Home Registration Number (MHR), Property Identifier (PID) or Plan.
Select the checkbox for the properties you want and click the "Add To Selection List" button.
You may repeat the process to add multiple properties to your Selection List.
Under the Selection List tab, you may review your selections, with the option to remove any you don't require.

Under the Reports tab, you may launch one of the following reports. You may key your own reference code into the supplied space and this will appear at the top of your report:

  • Property Information Report - legal details, assessment, tax levy detail and summary information for 2 years and other property-related information.
  • Permits Report - Information on permits for each selected property.

Map Inquiry:

You can search for properties using the Map Inquiry, if you wish. There is a link to the Map Inquiry above, or you can find the Map Inquiry here.
Permit information is available via the Reports function and via the Map Inquiry.


Use of this site implies the user's acknowledgement and consent of these terms.

Information in this site may be inspected and used only for those purposes laid out in the Assessment Act and the Community Charter and in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. No other use may be made of this information.

Assessment information provided herein is provided by BC Assessment and forms the basis for calculating property tax levies by the City of New Westminster and may be used to compare individual property assessments. Under section 249 of the Community Charter, an error in a statement or certificate given under this section does not subject the municipality to damages.

Information provided herein is derived from sources with varying levels of accuracy. The City of New Westminster disclaims all responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of information contained herein.

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