Frequently Asked Questions about MyCity

Q. Is it secure?
A. Yes. MyCity is a secure web site. You will see a closed lock symbol in the browser's status bar to show that this web site is secure.

Q. Can anybody else access my account information?
A. Not unless you share your account number and access code.

Q. What is an Access Code?
A. An access code is a randomly-generated 6-digit number. Each account is assigned an access code which is printed on the account statement or invoice.
COMDEV folders (permits) do not have an access code unless the permit holder requests one at the permits counter.

Q. I can't find my Access Code.
A. The access code is printed on your account statement. If you don't have a statement, please telephone or e-mail us to request that one be mailed to you. Access codes will not be given by telephone.

Q. How do I get started?
A. The login page has a link to the Profile Registration page. Just fill in the registration information and click the Register button. You will receive an activation e-mail from MyCity. Click the link in that e-mail to activate your profile.

Q. I have gone through the Profile Registration process, but still can't log in.
A. Check your e-mail in-box for a message from MyCity. Follow the instructions in that e-mail. If you haven't received this e-mail, you may have spelled your e-mail address incorrectly when you registered. Please contact us for assistance.

Q. I have recently sold my home. Will the new owner be able to see my account information?
A. No. When a property is sold, a new access code is generated for that property. The new owner will have the new access code and will only have access to transactions dated after the change of ownership. Similarly, you will be able to access only those transactions that occurred while you owned the property.